Child Rescue Mission - Uganda
Child Rescue Mission - Uganda is a nonprofit
community-based organization established to foster
peace, love, physical and mental health, emotional well
being, and educational opportunity among children with
difficult lives.

Founded in 2009, we are legally registered with the
Ugandan Ministry of Internal Affairs as a
non-governmental organization, or "NGO" (Reg. No.

We believe that the common good is served by the
empowerment of children. Our efforts are focused on
providing support, comfort, protection, and holistic
development services to orphans and other especially
vulnerable children and their caretakers.

Through our programs and activities, we assist the young
people of our community in getting started on a path to
long term health and prosperity. We do this by first
administering to basic needs, and then working to
promote self-sufficiency through training and counseling
in areas such as agribusiness and entrepreneurship.

We are strongly guided by Christian ethics and principles
in everything we do. But we are responsible to a diverse
region, and our doors and hearts are open to everyone
regardless of their religious faith.
About Us
Our Founder and Chief Executive Director
The Chief Executive Director of Child Rescue Mission Uganda is Mr. Michael Walter Tiyo. Mr.
Tiyo holds a bachelor's degree in community development and has extensive experience in child
protection service in different parts of Uganda.
Where We Are
Child Rescue Mission - Uganda is located in the town of
Kasese in western Uganda, a 230 mile (370km) drive
from the capital city of Kampala.

Kasese is the "chief town" of Kasese District, one of 111
major administrative divisions in Uganda.

The recent history of the District is marked by the series of
violent attacks from insurgent anti-government military
forces which took place during the period from
1998-2002. A large number of children and families still
suffer the after-effects of the attacks which caused loss of
life and the destruction of property, and contributed to the
rapid spread of disease.
The Children
We currently care for 150 children at our orphanage and another 50 who participate in our
daytime primary school program. Twenty of the resident orphans were born with the AIDS
virus. But for the programs and services of the Mission, these children would have little or no
access to adequate food, water, sanitation facilities, health care, shelter, education, and

Please visit the other pages of this web site and especially our gallery to view more photos of
the beautiful children of Child Rescue Mission - Uganda.
Our dedicated staff includes four teachers who work
collaboratively to provide the children with educational instruction,
emotional support and physical safety. They also assist the Chief
Executive Director in the overall management of the Mission's
educational programs.
Photo: Chief Executive Director Walter Tiyo (center)
with the Educational Center's four
2013 Child Rescue Mission - Uganda
P.O. Box 390, Kasese, Uganda, East Africa