Child Rescue Mission - Uganda
The spoke and wheel model of Child Rescue Mission's comprehensive
approach to child, family, and community development
Child Rescue Mission - Uganda addresses the needs of the population
it serves by undertaking activities in eight major program areas: 1)
Orphanage, 2) Primary School, 3) Immunization, 4) Reproductive
Health, 5) Family Planning, 6) Health Education, 7) Agribusiness and
Entrepreneurial Skills, and 8) Sanitation and Nutrition.

We see these program areas as the integrated spokes of a wheel
designed to help move disadvantaged children and families forward
along a road leading to educational attainment, self sufficiency, and an
overall high quality of life.

Watch this page for links to descriptions of current efforts in each
program area.
2013 Child Rescue Mission - Uganda
P.O. Box 390, Kasese, Uganda, East Africa